Company Profile

Power     International     offers    specialized service to the  marine industry and industrial prime users providing technical services and assistance for  provision of  spare  parts  for a  wide  range  of   Medium and  high speed diesel   engines,    including    reconditioned engines,  components  and  generators. We support Worldwide customers, Ship owners / managers,   Shipyards,   Service   &   repair companies, traders, Industrial powers users and Offshore.

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Our Services

Our Services include:

O/H and Reconditioning of Fuel Pumps.
O/H and Reconditioning of Fuel Injectors.
O/H and Reconditioning of Governors.
O/H and Reconditioning Fuel Injector
Test Benches.

Reconditioning of Fuel Injection Components.

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Contact Us

P.O. Box: 8616,
G Block, Al Hayl Industrial Area
Fujairah | United Arab Emirates

Cell: +971-50-9898536
Tel:  +971-9-2239205
Fax: +971-9-2239206


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